10 Best Weight Lost Tips for 2021

Eat less, move more – it seems, if you follow these rules, the kilograms will dissolve by themselves. But the experienced losing weight you can not do this. From diet to diet, metabolism changes. From year to year, the body becomes clogged, the intestines weaken, and the stomach spoils, but no one takes it into account.

We have prepared Ten tips from a nutritionist, allowing you to start your body again and increase the return on the diet so that you will see the first tangible results in a week.

It Would Help if You Went Through a Detox Program

The process of weight loss should preferably begin with a cleansing of the body. It can be compared with the general cleaning in your apartment. This system of gentle cleansing, based on the physiological processes of our body, will speed up metabolism, “calm” insulin, start the lipolysis process, etc. The full Mayer recovery course is designed for 21 days, can be divided into the period of cleansing in the clinic and the implementation of medical recommendations at home. According to Dr. Mayer’s principles, the body is healthy when its intestines are healthy, and its recovery should begin with cleansing. Taking a solution of Epsom salts only under the supervision of a doctor will allow you to cleanse your intestines physiologically.

Bowel Massage Needed Regularly

To improve blood circulation and lymphatic drainage of the abdominal organs in the morning on an empty stomach, before getting out of bed, do self-massage of the abdomen for 5 minutes. Perform circular stroking movements of the palm with a slight pressure clockwise along the large intestine, alternating them with diaphragmatic breathing, making a slow deep breath, and exhale.

Eliminate All Intolerances

Food can have a beneficial effect on the body and negative. Clinical nutrition consists not only in the use of healthy products that provide the correct ratio of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates but also in the exclusion of intolerable. The diet does not use products containing gluten, lactose, fructose, and histamine. Eating intolerant foods can cause digestive problems, weight gain, increased visceral fat, and disturb sleep and mood.

Monitor Acidity

Your body’s health, metabolic rate, and weight control depend on acid-base balance. The correct combination of acidifying and alkalizing products in one meal allows maintaining the body’s normal pH. Therefore, protein-containing products are preferably consumed with a vegetable side dish. You can check your acidity both in the laboratory and on your own. For the second option, you need to buy test strips in a pharmacy to determine the pH of saliva or urine. If the acidity is increased, you need to adhere to an alkaline diet, increasing the use of leafy and non-starchy vegetables, preferably green and white. The method of preparation is steamed or in the form of alkaline vegetable soups. At the same time, limit the intake of proteins, cereals, and sweet foods. According to statistics, most people have high acidity,

Dont Drink Water 30 Minutes Before Meals & During

It is allowed to drink the first glass of water 40 minutes after a snack. This fluid intake method does not violate the acidity of the digestive organs and enables the main enzymes that break down proteins, fats, and carbohydrates to work in full force.

Chew Food Thoroughly

The digestive process begins, as is commonly thought, not in the stomach, but already in the oral cavity. There, food lump forms and food is wetted with saliva containing enzymes (amylase, maltase) and bactericidal substances (lysozyme). Moderate intake and thorough chewing of food 30-40 times start the correct fermentation processes, allow you to feel full, and reduce the amount of food devoured.

Do Not Eat Cottage Cheese & Do Not Drink Kefir at Night

The use of dairy products containing lactose in the evening can cause fermentation processes and increase the release of the hormone insulin, enhancing the deposition of fat, especially in the abdomen.

Do Not Induce Insulin Release

Avoid carbohydrates and sugary foods in the evening. It also stimulates an increase in insulin, which makes weight loss difficult. Introduce interval fasting into your diet – refusing one meal, for example, dinner, two times a week.

Go in for sports Daily.

Think of fitness as a hairstyle or manicure, as something relaxing. As soon as you learn this, sports will become an integral part of your life. You can add dancing to your training regimen, go to the gym with a friend, or replace regular cardio training with dancing, which will give you pleasure.

Instead of Snacks, It’s Better to Drink Matcha Tea

It is a powerful natural detoxifier due to its high chlorophyll content. Tea helps reduce weight by accelerating the metabolism and oxidation of fats, normalizing cholesterol metabolism, reducing the level of “bad” lipids in the blood, and improving blood vessels’ condition. According to its properties, toning the body matcha tea is not much inferior to coffee, but, in contrast to it, does not acidify the body, but alkalizes it.

So, what do we do now with this information?

The best recommendation we can give is to choose one option from what is written here, and integrate it into your daily lifestyle. Give it a few days to become a part of your life, and only after it becomes an integral part of your routine will you add another option for a few more days, and so on.

Applying one principle at a time and adding gradually may help you achieve your goals, however if you want to take it a few more steps further, you may find the right solution for you at this link

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