4 Foods Rich in Iron You Should Eat Daily

Do you have a deficiency of iron in your body? Tired of getting various sort of medicines? Are you looking for some foods that can fulfil your body iron requirements? If these are the questions in your mind that you are in the right place. As we all know, iron is a crucial mineral that serves various essential functions, but the vital one is to carry oxygen throughout the body as a part of RBCs. It is necessary for our body, and we must get it daily in our diet through food or any other means. The daily consumption value of iron which is required by the human body is 18mg.

There are plenty of food choices that can help your daily needs of iron. So discussed below are some healthy foods that are enriched in iron:


Shellfish is very nutritious and tasty. Shellfish mainly is high in iron, but mussels, clams and oysters are also good sources. The iron found in shellfish is heme iron which is absorbed more readily than non-heme iron present in plants. They are high in nutrients and responsible for stabilization of heart-healthy HDL cholesterol level in the blood.


Spinach provides so many health benefits. Raw spinach of 100 grams contains about 2.7mg of iron. The iron is spinach is usually non-heme, but our body’s main advantage is that it also has vitamin c that significantly boosts iron absorption. Spinach also reduces cancer risk and protects our body from eye disease by providing a sufficient amount of nitrogen.

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Legumes are loaded with nutrients and minerals. Some of the common types of legumes are lentils, peas, beans, soybeans and chickpeas. Especially for vegetarians, they are a great source of iron. Usually, beans bump up the intake of iron easily as they fulfil the body’s daily iron requirements if taken in the diet. If you want to maximize the absorption of iron, make sure that you intake legumes with the foods such as greens, citrus fruits, and tomatoes high in vitamin C.

Red Meat

Red meat is very nutritious and satisfying. Recent research has revealed that deficiency of iron is less likely to occur who eat poultry, meat and fish regularly. It is the single most accessible source of heme iron, making it very crucial for the people who are the patients of anaemia. People who consume meat can retain iron better than those who intake iron supplements.

The takeway:

So here we discussed some of the foods that are highly enriched with iron. Iron deficiency can lead to anemia because without sufficient iron, and your body cannot produce enough hemoglobin, which cannot transport proper oxygen to the body tissues; thus, you feel weak and tired. About 20% of normal women, 50% of pregnant women and 3% of men do not have enough iron in the body. So the best solution is to consume more foods high in iron.

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