7 Tips on How to Not Quitting your Diet

There are so many diet advice out there and most of them can be misleading. If you have an effective healthy diet plan that is working for you, helping you to eat healthy, adequately lose weight, and increase your energy level in the process, then continue with the plan. What is difficult for people is the discipline to follow a strict diet plan that can give them desired results. It’s difficult for obese people to control what they eat. They do mindless eating, they stock their fridge with junks and unhealthy food. Poor dieters neglect to plan or carry healthy snacks when they are away from home.

It can be such a daunting task sustaining a healthy eating habit that helps you lose weight. This article presents seven tips that encourage you on the best way to remain healthy dieting and not quit.

1. Have Realistic and Achievable Expectation:

Most people who want to eat healthy to lose weight usually have unrealistic expectations. They want to lose so much weight in such a short time. This is common with folks who are already obese. For example, they expect to lose 50kg in three weeks. They go ahead and put so much pressure on themselves and so, get discouraged if they fail to realize such impossible results. When that happens, their plan and intention backfire when they quit soon after.

Being realistic means you are reasonable to set realistic weight loss goals, and you have the discipline to follow through until you achieve practical results by following a healthy eating and exercise lifestyle.

2. Never Store or Keep Unhealthy Food at Home:

You will be tempted to eat mindlessly if you have the habit of bringing home unhealthy food. If junk food is within easy reach, then you will be tempted to eat it, and so violate your diet plan.

If you live with your family members and they have to bring in unhealthy food, encourage them to hide them away from you. Such food must never be displayed on the table top, or inside the fridge where you can easily have access to it. It must be out of sight for you, otherwise, it is guaranteed you will definitely grab and take a bite. If unhealthy food is hidden away from you, that will help you remain on track with your healthy eating habits.

3. Keep Healthy Snacks Handy at all Times:

Most times we have reasons to be outdoor, away from home, and far from our regular diet food. When this is your situation, then form the habit of taking along some healthy snacks with you. Healthy snacks include, hard-boiled egg, peanuts, cheese, almond, Greek yogurt, etc. This saves you the temptation of eating whatever you can find assuming you are travelling for days on the road, far from your kitchen, or favorable restaurant.

If you have the consciousness of your diet plan, and the fact that processed food is neither good for your health nor weight, then you should endeavor to take along snacks that are healthy and richly stuffed with high protein. With that, you keep the hunger away and continue to eat healthy until you can have your proper meals.

4. Plan Ahead during Travels so you Don’t Derail your Diet Plan:

Most dieters find it so challenging continuing with their healthy diet plan once they are out of home. This is because they fail to plan ahead for such journey. If you are travelling outside of your territory, enquire and be sure there are restaurants that serve your kind of diet, and that there are good supermarkets where you can purchase the kind of healthy snacks you prefer.

This will help you prepare and take along your healthy food on such journey, especially the type that can last longer without getting spoilt. Be committed, discipline yourself and be sure you don’t derail when you embark on such travels.

5. Keep Track of your Progress:

It’s important for you to keep proper record of the progress of your weight loss. There are apps that help you log and track the food you eat, the distance you cover jogging or trekking. With this, you are able to easily remain in line and not quit your diet lifestyle. Also, track and measure the progress of your exercise regime.

Dieters with pedometers are better weight losers than those who do not use the device. This is true, especially among women. It is wise to track your exercise and food intake. You are likely to be encouraged to lose weight better that way.

6. Two Are Better than One in the Game of Diet and Weight Lose:

You have advantage if you have a spouse or partner with whom you carry out your exercise and diet plan. If you are tempted to quit, your partner can give you the necessary encouragement to continue with the plan. It works better when you have someone to encourage you, and whom you can encourage too. You rejoice together when you make progress, and that enhances your chances of success.

7. Give your Diet Plan the Time it Takes to Get Result:

Switching to, and remaining in a healthy diet and exercise weight loss plan do not come easy. Sometimes, it takes as much as two months for your new habits to stabilize and become usual with you. Be patient and not give up easily in case results are slow in coming. Don’t quit, rather, look at the long term benefits your new diet lifestyle can bring to your life. Stay motivated, have faith and keep going. Result will only come if you don’t quit.


If you follow all these wonderful tips recommended above, you will be able to maintain your diet plan and not quit. Put in the effort, remain discipline and committed, and within a short time, just like magic, you will see result. So, don’t quit.

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